We work to provide individuals and families with safe and affordable homes, believing that stable housing provides a platform from which individuals and communities can begin to address social and economic challenges.

MISSION: Leveraging federal, state, and local public resources with private funding to create equitable workforce and service-enriched affordable housing solutions.

VISION: To look beyond traditional sector borders to develop innovative and replicable solutions to society’s most difficult housing challenges that exist today.


In recent decades the increasingly high cost of housing has permeated out from urban centers to dramatically affect almost every community in America, further marginalizing many ethnic groups and communities of color in the process. Wishcamper’s comprehensive Equity Plans are project-specific plans to both expand community benefit and reduce inequality by ensuring equitable access to all aspects of affordable housing, including contracting, community outreach, lease-up and screening, management policies, and resident programs and services. Striving to find ways to provide socioeconomic mobility and equal access to housing across all races has always been central to the social mission of Wishcamper.

Separately, the Wishcamper Partnership Program was created in 2019 to provide Wishcamper the opportunity to partner and collaborate with dynamic BIPOC-owned companies and/or individuals who are interested in starting, or growing existing, real estate development companies. Contact Wishcamper to learn more about this initiative.


We form partnerships with local resident service providers that both represent and understand the social fabric, needs, and strategic partnerships available within the local community. Our supportive services are not pre-determined nor standard at all projects – the program for a given property is determined by the needs and potential partnerships in each community.

The principals of Wishcamper have a long history of providing resident-driven supportive services that are truly transformative. By example, please see the news article, “Baby Steps Toward Guaranteed Incomes and Racial Justice” for a representative national press article from the New York Times. Springboard to Opportunities is a non-profit started by Joe Wishcamper and it’s our intention to replicate this type of work in our current development footprint of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountain Region.


We provide our residents with homes that are safe, secure, amenity rich, and physically well-functioning. We take great pride in ownership of our properties and routinely adhere to Enterprise Green Community Standards in both rehabs as well as new construction. Most recently, we have begun championing Universal Design and commissioned a Universal Design Guidebook in hopes that it will be utilized by cities and state agencies to further the understanding Universal design and to help establish minimum design standards. 

“When applied to the physical environment at the community scale, universal design takes mobility into account in every layout concept and every detail. Universal design is applied to streets and trails, homes, businesses, and civic facilities. It’s an ethic as well as an aesthetic; when a community or a facility is designed to function for universal access, it communicates a welcoming and friendly spirit. An intentionally designed universal access community works for and welcomes people of all ages and energizes social interaction.” – universal design guidebook